About Us

About Us

Garage Door Toronto is a garage door company Situated in Toronto, and specializing in garage door and gate repair and installation. We were founded in 2012 and have been in the garage door industry as subcontractors for twelve years. We pride ourselves on providing great service at a reasonable price for each our different customers. Our commitment to same-day services in Toronto is what keeps our satisfied customers coming back. From Toronto, we will always work hard for our customers’ satisfaction.

In today’s tough economic climate, the value of quality Service has been pushed aside in favor of the bottom line. Garage Door Toronto believes that the tradition of excellent value may still be balanced with competitive pricing. At Garage Door Toronto, no job is too large or too small to need our best. Whether you need a large commercial gate service in Toronto, or a private residential garage door in Scarsdale, we strive to complete every job with a smile.

We provide an array of services that are all given the same Consideration and focus by our attentive staff. In addition to our garage door and gate installation, we offer 24/7 repair service for all those late-night Emergencies if you need assistance immediately. We are always determined to provide Our clients with exceptional customer service. That is why Garage Door Toronto provides free phone consultations with an actual person. This ensures that everyone gets the ideal support for their garage door and gate needs. Additional Services include garage door maintenance, and we provide customers with security improvement consultations.

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